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Product + Category Page Development

Designing the right shopping experience is what we do. For you AND for your shoppers.

It’s all about layout and process when competing online. Americom can consult with you on how to increase sales and turn prospects into customers. This is done through an analysis of the steps involved in the process. In addition, the best layout is chosen for your end user through proper design of the Home Page and the subpages.

We can help your shoppers avoid speedbumps along the way to a convenient shopping experience with details, stats and expertise behind all the elements that make that “add to cart” button look all that more enticing. Items like:

  • Confidence + Trust Builders
  • Shipping options + logistics
  • Category Page Product Displays
  • Shopping Attributes
  • Bulk Orders + Volume Discounts
  • Online promotions + Customer Rewards/Incentives
  • Positioning of Ups-ells, Product Reviews, etc
  • Product Variants

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