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Mobile + Responsive

Your shoppers and customers are on the move. We can help with that.

Present products and services to your customers who are living in a mobile society with Mobile Optimized and Responsive Technology.

Tablets, smart phones, big screens, small screens, laptops, desktops and wierd ones in between that flip around and fold twice. Yes, as technology changes and the toys get to be more fun and convenient, so does shopping online. We design with form AND function so that you can look good anywhere to all your audiences, and we ensure an easy shopping experience and navigation.

Bells & whistles are always fun, but on a smart phone, your customers want ease and speed. We know the buttons to push and gridlines to stay within so that your customers get what they want (info and shopping) and you get what you want (clicks and revenue!).

In a joint effort with AmeriCommerce in 2013, one of our clients wanted to update his lush, brightly colored wholesale site to a responsive and mobile-friendly one, but didn’t want to lose the look and glitz and glamour that has helped differentiate him in his market. He wanted to keep the familiarity and pizazz that his customers had come to know and love. A few weeks in the trenches of design and implementation, we created a cool look together that went a step further. It not only kept his customers happy, but it helped him achieve a Top 100 Internet Retailer status with a top industry recognition for his shiny, new mobile site.

With moves like this, you too can reap the rewards of keeping up with all your different customers wherever they are - on the go.

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