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Horizon Dental is a strong local dentist office with all the things you want for your teeth - personable people, an experienced, trusted dentist, a comfortable yet professional environment and leading technology. We are pleased to have given them two web design overhauls. The first one a few years ago elevated their stature in look and feel to a more professional, neat and clean layout. We worked with the Horizon Dental team on getting the right photographs for content and using cyan blues and stark black and white to show the right medical colors that patients expect to see. All parties involved were so happy with the results, we got the opportunity to have fun all over again in 2013 with a new responsive design with our new blog feature with AmeriCommerce. We added some warmer colors, wider images and negative space to provide that much more of a modern look and feel that can grow with the site. The blog feature offers a nice, tight way to do news and commentary - another way to help differentiate Horizon from the rest of those offices cleaning bicuspids and rooting through canals.

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