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The responsive design for the Provost Umphrey website is a superb example of a group effort. The website design includes a wide array of information, education, resources and room to grow in theme. We are thrilled to have a role in this expansive and detailed website. The head of marketing, Mrs. Marble, along with her great attorney input is the key differential for allowing us to do what we do best more quickly, more accurately and with more efficiency than most any other site. The amount of information and how to position it all is a testament to her organization skills and the firm's history of outstanding credentials. We took the opportunity to add a new angle - literally - to the Provost Umphrey branding - one that has continued on in print ad designs and collateral as well. The use of angles, sepia tones, and duo tones add a unusual quality to the images. A consistent, conscious effort of this can be seen in the banners, images, and other photography throughout the site. Lead designer, Lance LaRue says, "The goal is to have this unique look for branding that gives it something extra that no other firm has, whether it's a direct and local competitor or beyond to regional and more." This touch has proved us well, and the overall success of the site starts with it. Our Internet Marketing Director, Jack Cravy, was instrumental in keeping things efficient from page to page, improving SEO, and enhancing structure and content opportunities along the way. We are proud of the site design and we're thrilled with the immediate impact it has had on branding and search engine rankings as well as how it has added to a successful internet marketing campaign. The best is yet to come.

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