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[03/13/13]  Breakfast with the Bishop: Pancakes and Applause. Saturday morning proved to be a delicious and wonderful way to begin the weekend. Americom is proud to have attended and shared the same atmosphere with some of the most selfless, smartest, and most faithful people in the Golden Triangle as we joined for pancakes and applause. Every year, Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas (of the Catholic Diocese of Beaumont) hosts a Breakfast with the Bishop - an event where the community comes out to enjoy food and friendship, learn more about the rewarding aspects of Catholic Charities, and enjoy the gracious hospitality from the priests, deacons, and sisters in the diocese, including - yes - Bishop Guillory.  The food never ceases to amaze and even local celebrities meet, greet, and cook while silent auctions, music and lots of Seaport Coffee fill the room. This all leads up to some compelling speeches from a few individuals and, ultimately, an annual award honoring a member for their astounding service and influence. This year's award went to none other than our client and dear friend - Mike Fuljenz, President of Universal Coin & Bullion. His acceptance speech included what we would affectionately refer to as typical from him in that it was smart, concise and profound as it included a bit of sports, family, and history. He referenced the new movie 42 about Jackie Robinson and the movie The Blind Side about Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. He connected the common theme that faith (and generations of faith) had played in both of these stories and that commitment to faith and values, setting the example for children, can influence people to succeed. Selflessness, commitment, and doing what you can for others for their complete benefit - how fitting. Americom congratulations Karen & Mike Fuljenz for their recognition and for all their support and positive influence, and we thank St. Jude, the Diocese and Catholic Charities for another wonderful breakfast.

[02/20/13]  Winning Work: Americom Snags 3 ADDY Awards in Lake Charles   Americom Marketing is the proud new owner of three new Addy honors for the areas of Logo Design, Annual Report Layout, and Print Advertising. The AAF-Lake Charles Dist. awards banquet was held this past weekend, where Americom won 2 Silver awards for the logo design of The Crossing apartment complex and the newspaper ad design for Sertinos Café. Americom also picked up a bronze for The Beaumont Housing Authority's Digital Annual Report.

"This past year was perhaps the highest level of creative we've done, in my opinion. Web, print, logo, ad schedules and planning...all of it," says Lance LaRue, creative director at Americom. "Ad budgets are being cut by everyone near and far, so we all have to get smarter and sharper...we did some new, different projects this year that were really successful, and to see some of these get honors is extremely rewarding. This logo could be my favorite we've ever done, too." The digital annual report is one such piece that really defined "different" this year, involving a mix of video, interviews, copywriting, layout design and some web software. "Chase Courtney headed up the video and worked with the software for some very poignant vignettes of success stories. He and Lance and the team clicked with Allison Landrum and Robert Reyna at the BHA every step of the way. It's a great example of collaboration and high quality," says owner/president, Charlie Cooper.

The Sertinos "menu" style ad for the Port Arthur News is another unique piece. This is the result of getting creative with customer favorites, including customer feedback, and jumping on a timely weekend promotion. "The ad is a great display of all the many wonderful things Sertinos has to offer, the colors and textures are attractive..., but the real strategy was working with the PA News (with Ed Kestler specifically) and the timing of getting the ad out. The spring is riddled with community festivals, fairs, and events, so we had to time this just right as to not compete or get lost in the mix of all these other events that has the public's attention. We were all pleased with the results," says Cooper.  Congrats to all involved on the recognition and, more importantly, the ad results.

[10/18/12]  One of Our Own Featured in Cat 5 Magazine- Beaumont Enterprise   Our design work is often seen in newspapers and magazines, but it's generally in the form of an advertisement for one of our clients. A logo here, a branding ad or special offer there. But today one of our own has a feature.

The Cat 5 Magazine (Beaumont Enterprise) today features a cover story article on our very own creative art-and-copy guy, Lance LaRue, and his art series "Vintage City Posters for the Forgotten Cities & Towns Across Texas."  Even the cover is his custom design. We are proud of the press and we're proud to say that this is just a sample of what our creative team can produce for businesses, brands, church marketing and more; fine art, commercial art, and even some tongue-in-cheek, fun things in between.  See the article here from editor, Beth Rankin, at Cat 5 Magazine.
You can see more of Lance's posters here for the series, and other Americom portfolio work at his blog here.

[09/15/12]  Social Working: Vintage Ads Get Word of Mouth Records   Every day is a great day when it comes to working on projects for our delicious TexJoy Seasonings (from the Texas Coffee Co.)  But success is extra sweet and savory when the results are better than expected, marking new records. Such is the case with our latest efforts with TexJoy's Facebook page. Our vintage style poster ads are as equally fun as they are productive. Our first poster, designed to look like a vintage ad from the 50s or 60s (think Lichtenstein meets Donna Reed), produced record speed in responses for both Americom and considering there were no offers or sale specials associated with it, and it increased measurable brand awareness & public engagement. Within 23 hours of the upload, more than 2,300 viewed the post, over 200 "liked" it, and the best part is that over 50 shared it to their own pages. And now with over 70 shares, we see where it has accomplished goals of generating word-of-mouth and interaction. From just posting the first poster, we've seen numerous fans added; many commenting that they'd forgotten about the brand or asking fellow fans where to buy it in their locations. Creative Manager and Designer on the project, Lance LaRue, says, "One of the keys to getting attention and reaction on social media is to avoid drowning out your messages or over-saturating it. Banners and posts are like online billboards - you have to change it up and place it/time it right, otherwise they can be easily glossed over and lose their luster. There's more to come and we're really excited, but for now - congrats to TexJoy on a fun, new record."

[07/12/12] Client and Work Awarded 2 Trophies at Press Club   Universal Coin and Mike Fuljenz win two First Place Awards at the Annual Press Club of Southeast Texas Awards banquet. In the words of Americom Marketing president, Charlie Cooper: "We are so proud of Mike Fuljenz and Universal Coin & Bullion...their efforts are always first class and it's great to see it recognized again with such prestigious awards. And it's particularly rewarding that our graphics for these materials played a small role in putting the spotlight on such valuable information for consumers and precious metals buyers and investors."  As one of our oldest clients, UCB and Mr. Fuljenz are known nationally, not just for their work in the sales side of precious metals industry, but also for their consumer advocacy and education of numismatics.
The Metals Market Report is a weekly analysis by Fuljenz. The report is an online series of articles and commentary about the marketplace developments and trends for gold, silver, rare coins and more. The Personal Gold Guide is a booklet with further commentary for both novices and savvy investors alike. This is the second time Americom's layout and design work for the gold guide has been honored.

[06/26/12] All New Annual Report Design...Digitally Speaking  The Beaumont Housing Authority's Annual Report is complete, it's digital, and it is perhaps our most aggressive project for the year so far. We are all very proud of the hard work and the result, but we're also thankful for the BHA's blessings as they've granted us a flexible, generous creative license. As most annual reports go, the financials and other routine details take over the printed page and design firms are mostly left with the cover art. As fun as that is, designers like us always want to dig in a bit more. Well...lucky us!  Americom is pleased to present the DIGITAL Annual Report for the BHA - complete with videos, testimonials, vignettes, theme design and, yes, cover art. Click to view here   "The BHA's vision for this year's annual report design involved more than just dressing up numbers on a page; they wanted to entertain and educate," says Lance LaRue, lead designer on the project. "They really did their homework and gave great direction and materials, but they let us know early on that we should get creative with it and have fun. It's a credit to their innovative nature..."  Along with our Americom affiliate and editor extraordinaire, Chase Courtney, we shot new footage and edited together news clips from throughout the year to showcase the many milestones that the BHA accomplished in 2011. Using Turn-Page software, the annual report is a digital magazine that allows for playing videos for a more in-depth look at articles and highlights. Congrats to BHA and the team.

[03/13/12] Americom Creative Brings in Two New ADDY Awards  We are excited to add the task of making room on our shelves for two new trophies. Americom Marketing brings home two new ADDY Awards from the American Ad Federation - Lake Charles, LA event for the categories of Web Design (HTML, ecommerce) and Newspaper Ad Design (half page, black and white). The web design for Bangalla, a Silver Award winner, is another combined effort from Americom Marketing's creative team and AmeriCommerce's outstanding implementation specialists and software. Lead designer on the project, Chad Campbell, worked closely with teammates Donna Barlow and Manjula Higginbotham for an ornate, organic look matched with ease of shopping and navigation techniques for a clean, open design. Our newspaper ad design for combines branding of the business and products with a unique offer, appearing in the Boise Idaho Statesman and Idaho Falls Post Register. The ad's art and copy earned a Bronze award with credits going to Chad Campbell, Lance LaRue, Charlie Cooper, and Michelle Tufford and her team at

[03/07/12] iGo, You Go, We All Go  And now a site for something different. AmeriCommerce and Americom Marketing’s Creative team just put the final clicks on a fun new ecommerce site for kids cars and bikes. These vehicles are built and sized for kids, but we sure were tempted to hop on and have our fun. And we know we’re not alone. The new site offers a great line of vehicles and, of course, easy navigation and shopping for customers worldwide; but it also showcases a lighter side of our web design styles. With a unique blend of illustration elements, bright colors and playful themes, this web design will certainly stand out among most of our estore designs. Sr. Art Director and lead designer, Chad Campbell, is eager to see the design turned live. “It’s a cool design for a cool business,” says Campbell. “This has been in development for nearly a year, and Gary (iGoKidz) has put a lot of thought into this. He knows what he’s doing and it’s a pleasure to work with folks like him. We put our best practices into it, but we also had fun with it and I think it shows.” 

[02/23/12] Branding and Building  

We are proud to announce our newest brand development project with the Beaumont Housing Authority. Their brand new state-of-the-art property will have a brand new logo and brand identity to go along with it. Americom is excited to have a hand in the new look and the opportunity to continue work with Robert Reyna and his outstanding staff. Construction is already under way for The Crossing on Lucas Street in Beaumont. The property is designed and reserved for seniors and it will replace Lucas Gardens. Located on the bend in the road just shy of the curved railroad track, plans for The Crossing are aggressive with landscaping, modern exterior and interior design, spacious apartments and hallways, stacked high with amenities and elegant decor. Creative Manager and lead designer on the project, Lance LaRue, says this is more than just a fun project. “They’re doing important work for the community and for the future of Beaumont. It’s always an honor to design the logo or identity for a new business or church or other entity, and when it’s something like this, it’s an added pinch of community responsibility and reward,” LaRue says. “The BHA’s team is an awesome group you work with, not work for. And this property’s designs include modern and traditional, so it’s a fun challenge to mix those styles...”  Americom Marketing President, Charlie Cooper, adds, “We’re really proud of the work and we feel like, together, we’ve achieved a logo that embodies sophistication and security, contemporary styles with a traditional theme, and something that will age effectively. We can’t wait to round it all out with the signage and other pieces.”

[12/14/11] Have a Merry Media Christmas  

Americom Marketing was built on media buying and strategy consulting. With the growth of new media and ecommerce, our walls have widened and our list of services has gotten much longer. And, it's getting even more fun. We are happy to announce that Santa packed new media and new software tools for us this year.  Americom takes advertising research and reach to new levels. Our competitive research can help you find where your industry competitors are advertising, what they are advertising, what their creative ad design angles show, and what they're saying on the airwaves of radio and TV. And just which stations and TV channels (and times and shows) those might be. Wouldn't you like to know what your customers are seeing when they're not looking at you? And where your customers are going when they're not going to you? With consumers pinching pennies and small web store start-ups aplenty, it's more crucial now than ever before to have competitive edge in branding and in sales. At Americom Marketing, we have the new toys that you're sure to enjoy.Call 1-800-936-9006 today to learn about how Americom's newest gadgets can work for you. We got our Christmas gifts early this year. How 'bout you?[10/20/2011] Client News from Port Arthur to Calgary   Sertinos Cafe owner, Cliff Hilton, has a pulse for business that means more than a busy lunch crowd. Hilton appears in an article from the Financial Post concerning the Keystone XL Pipeline. Hilton is in support of the pipeline for the lure of jobs to the Beaumont-Pt. Arthur market as well as energy security. As Americom Marketing is a Beaumont ad agency, as a Texas ad agency, and - most certainly - as proud partners with Sertinos - we are always in support of more jobs to our area as well, and we're thrilled that our client was quoted in this piece.  Read the article here. [10/17/2011] On the Farm AmeriCommerce and the Americom Design team's newest site design is near completion. Working with NBS, the design on Farm Sanctuary's e-store will have an all new look that will allow for ease of navigation and a great shopping experience as well as added branding power. Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit entity that protects farm animals from cruelty and supports compassionate vegan living. Their education, rescue and advocacy efforts have flourished over the last decade and they are currently celebrating their 25th Anniversary. NBS is an industry leader for marketing and promoting non-profits across the globe.  
[09/17/2011] Beaumont Housing Authority  
Americom Marketing is proud to be a part of the 70th Anniversary of the B.H.A. The B.H.A. (Beaumont Housing Authority) shares the celebration with the community and area business leaders. Our insert design with the agency combines a historical perspective, personal testimonies and a look to the future, shedding light on the many wonderful successes of the Housing Authority that extend past shelter opportunities and certainly, public misconception. Through scholarships and more, the housing authority has much to be proud of and much to inform the community to all the things they do. We appreciate the opportunity to illustrate and highlight the B.H.A. and we thank the executive director, Robert Reyna, his staff, and everyone at the organization for their involvement with the project.

[08/03/11] Something New with Something Old Fashioned from TexJoy  TexJoy, family owned since 1921 manufacturer of southern seasonings, spices and coffee, launches a delicious new addition. TexJoy Old Fashion Country Style Smoked Sausage hit store shelves this week to much anticipation. The partnership with fellow Beaumont, Texas family owned, generations-old company, Zummo's Meat Co., has been in development for a few months. Americom is proud to have worked on the label packaging design with the iconic seasonings business, but the real honor and real fun was the tasting the samples in the first few test batches. Who says you can't mix work with pleasure? Try TexJoy Country Style smoked sausage links today, and read here for full article.  

[06/28/11] A Cup of Congratulations
    Congrats to our favorite coffee and deli spot, Sertinos Café, for winning the title of 'Best Coffee' in Southeast Texas for 2011. Sertinos of Beaumont, Texas was awarded the best coffee designation once again in the readers' poll in the Beaumont Enterprise. Sertinos has won a number of times in the past five years, including Best Cappuccino as well. The café, which was created around the Sertinos brand of custom roasted coffees from the Pacific Northwest, offers something for all taste buds from various teas, smoothies, desserts, deli sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, and, of course, prize-winning coffees and lattes. (Lance LaRue, here in our creative dept., claims to get bursts of creative inspiration from the Sertinos Americano!) They are also known for their Italian Paninis, which have set the bar in the Beaumont - Port Arthur region for all sandwiches. Still, as delicious as their full menu items taste, the house coffee is the foundation for so much with Sertinos, and it's no wonder that the area residents have voted it Best Coffee once again. We congratulate Sertinos and we look forward to more exciting things to follow with our favorite coffee café. 

[05/04/11]  Adding Something Sweet and Old Fashioned
We are proud to have a new client on board who sits at the top of confectionery perfection from the great Midwest. Knudsen's Caramels, the pride of Red Wing, Minnesota, elects AmeriCommerce and the Americom design team for establishing an online presence for their delectable treats. Knudsen's is the family-owned business for over 25 years whose soft, buttery caramels are sold across the U.S., but primarily in the mid-western region. We are honored to update their historic logo and work together to create a site that further brands their delicious products, highlights both their traditional manufacturing process and family name, and make their treats easily accessible for Internet shoppers. Stay tuned for more details to come as we embark on a sweet new adventure together.


[03/15/11] Mike Fuljenz in Smart Money   Longtime friend, colleague, and client, Mike Fuljenz of Universal Coin & Bullion, appears in this month's issue of Smart Money magazine. As one of the leading gold and rare coin experts in the nation, Fuljenz has a couple of interesting quotes in the feature article, "The Power of Gold," regarding the historic performance of the precious metal. The article highlights the risks and rewards of investing in gold, even comparing it to other types of investments (like real estate, stocks, and wine) from the last decade that reveal gold as the best performer.

Mike Fuljenz's experience in the numismatic field has gained national recognition from his consumer protection assistance to his award-winning books and reports. We congratulate Mike and Universal Coin & Bullion on all of their great work and we look forward to continued success.


Americom Marketing / AmeriCommerce Wins Silver ADDY Award for Web Design.  We are happy to announce our new prize in the category of Website Business-to-Consumer (products) for our work on,  the ecommerce site for the famed, island-style apparel brand with Galveston roots. "It's certainly an honor. Everyone worked really hard to create an appealing and brand-focused website that also functions the way we need it to from an ecommerce aspect," said Lance LaRue, Americom. "It is an example of how Americom Marketing and AmeriCommerce work together. This is the t-shirt brand I grew up with, making trips to Galveston beach (before the Internet) it's just really cool to work on web designs for brands like this that are so personal..."

AmeriCommerce HTML Specialist, Donna Barlow, adds, "The photography is a key component to the site's success. Russ, Nicole, Joe and everyone at Yaga were great and we're proud to share in this award. We look forward to the next stages of this site in 2011."

Yaga is the brand of t-shirts and island-themed apparel started by Joe Flores in Galveston, Texas in the early '80s. Yaga - Irie 3 includes Russ & Nicole Reidmueller of Southeast Texas, and the brand is sold in retail shops from coast to coast, including the Yaga store at Galveston Island. Visit

The AAF-Lake Charles awards were held Saturday night, Feb. 19th in Sulphur, LA and included both markets of Lake Charles and Lake Charles and Beaumont participating. We thank the AAF-Lake Charles for their welcoming hospitality and outstanding service. Credits include:  Lance LaRue, designer & art director; Donna Barlow, implementation & html specialist; Manjula Higginbotham, consultant & SEO specialist; Charlie Cooper, CEO & consultant; Russ & Nicole Reidmueller, photography/concept/client/copy; Joe Flores, client & copywriter; Ed Sturrock, CEO & ecommerce consultant; Stefan Barlow, CEO & software architect; Chad Campbell, designer.

(02/14/11): A New Horizon.  Horizon Dental of Texas goes live with their new website today. Our team is excited to be a part of their new online presence. Dr. Chris Riedel and his staff have been outstanding to work with in preparation of the site's look and content.

"The site showcases the long list of services they provide, even including photos and video links to help patients learn more. From day one, Dr. Riedel wanted this to be informative and easy-to-use for his patients, and he knew the look he wanted," says Justin Marcantel, Account Manager. With new
photos from our creative ally, Casey Sturrock [Haute Photography], the personalities of the staff really stand out and drive the overall imagery.  Horizon is a complete, general dental office in Orange, Texas that provides healthy smiles for families in Southeast Texas. See the new site here.

Sertinos Café Keeps Expanding. At a time in our US economy where businesses are cutting back more and more, isn't it nice to see a rebel once in a while? Call 'em rebels, call 'em givers, 'em Sertinos. The folks at our favorite coffee and panini cafe are adding more items to their menu and adding a new café in the suburbs of Dallas soon. Frisco, Texas - one of the nation's fastest growing cities by numerous accounts - will soon be enjoying the many wonders of Sertinos.

After the successful addition of The Reuben just a couple months ago, select Sertinos Cafés in Texas are adding Meatball Paninis (in their deli trays) and adding their version of the Tuna Melt to the big board this month. The Tuna Melt will have an extra cheesy deliciousness that only Sertinos can pull off. We take our hats off & put our bibs on to them as we salute Sertinos for the new additions and for playing a bit of the rebel in the restaurant biz.

[12/30/10]  New Office, New Year. As we look ahead to 2011, we are excited about many things. We have several marketing plans that will be put into action this spring for some of our brands, new websites to launch for some organizations that already have great national attention, and of course - getting used to our new office. See here for pictures.


The move to Calder Avenue is a nice change of scenery, but it's also makes for a nice drive to downtown. The construction at the corner of MLK Parkway and Calder was just completed and now the thoroughfare to downtown is easy, bright, shiny and new.

Americom and AmeriCommerce have much in store for the new year, and we are proud of the projects from 2010. We wish all our clients, partners, vendors, neighbors and friends a happy, successful new year.

Moving DayAmericom has a new address. After five years of fun on Washington Boulevard, we are moving near downtown Beaumont in the Beaumont Tower on Calder St. This new office will give us more room to grow and a more cohesive, open atmosphere. "Having an open environment will help further open our communication and teamwork. Even the walls to our managers' offices are glass for visibility and communication...," said Ed Sturrock, AmeriCommerce President.

The office suite will houses several offices, an open center floor and hall, two conference rooms and a great view of the Historic District of Beaumont...and the renovations. "When all this work is done - the brick-paved sidewalks, the wider streets, the beautification additions to the medians, the streetlights - this is going to be the most beautiful street in the city. And we're excited to be right in the middle of things," said Charlie Cooper, Americom President & CEO.

Stay tuned for photos. Before and after will be lots of fun. For now we are putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, organizing filing cabinets and desks, and - of course - figuring out where to put the Nerf guns, the dart boards and other toys!

[12/02/10]  Billion Dollar Cyber Monday - Internet Retailer.  Big day for e-retail shopping. See the full article here

[12/01/10]  Fresh New Look for TexJoy.
Our favorite brand in the kitchen, TexJoy, unveils their new site today.'s new look includes more food imagery, more information, updated customer comments and an all new News Page. Visit today and enjoy the Texcellent Taste of Texas.

[11/23/10]  Brick and Stone Goes Online. Beaumont Brick and Stone, the Southeast Texas iconic supplier of brick and stone building materials, goes live with their new website today. We are proud to be a part of the new design, new layout and resourceful information. Trey Robertson and his team have a wide variety of landscape materials, natural and cultured stone, and more to offer, and this website helps showcase all the commercial and residential services they cover. Check out today.

[10/20/10]  Congrats to Our Emmy-Winning Friends. Bravo to our friends, Chet Garner and all the gang with 'The Daytripper' - the proud new owners of a big, shiny, beautiful Lone Star Emmy Award. Great TV show, great people, and we're so happy for your much-deserved recognition. See more here and here for upcoming season info.

[10.08.10]: UCB, Fuljenz Commentary in Newmax Magazine. The latest issue of popular political magazine, Newsmax, features a key quote and commentary from Universal Coin & Bullion president, Mike Fuljenz. The expert opinion is part of an article on gold investments. Congrats to our friend, client and colleague, and pick up your copy of Newsmax today.

(05/18/2010):  AmeriCommerce Wins CODiE Award in San Francisco. Americom's e-commerce software, AmeriCommerce (by the same name of Americom's Web Division), is named winner of the SIIA Codie Award for 'Best eCommerce Solution - 2010.' AmeriCommerce attributes its success to listening to business community feedback and understanding the problems online businesses face. For ten years, AmeriCommerce has added, adjusted and improved the strength and depth of the eCommerce platform, and today is the choice software for companies across the globe. See here for our full press release.

(02/22/2010):  Americom Marketing wins GOLD ADDY for 2009-2010. Americom proudly announces our newest Addy Award for design! Saturday Feb 20, 2010 Americom Marketing is awarded a GOLD Addy for a sales promotion catalog for Beauty Riche skincare.  Americom's design of the brochure is the result of a true team effort of the Americom Creative Dept. & the outstanding staff of Beauty Riche, led by Bunnie Durnbaugh. "This is great. We were so proud of our design from creative concept to execution with BR, & now to be recognized with an award for it is exciting. We are proud to share this with Bunnie & Beauty Riche,” said Beaumont ad agency, Americom, Art Director, Chad Campbell. The Gold Addy will advance to the next stage of competition in Texas next month. Credits include: Chad Campbell, creative and art director; Lance LaRue, graphic designer; Charlie Cooper, CEO; Bunnie Durnbaugh, copywriter/client; Jessica Warren, project coordinator/client; Todd McKinley, Becker Printing.  Visit

(02/22/2010):  Americom Marketing wins Silver ADDY for 2009-2010. Americom receives a Silver Addy Award in the category of 4-Color Brochure for the creative team’s design work on the “2009 Gold Guide” for long-time client, 1st National Reserve. The Gold Guide is an in-depth, comprehensive informative brochure on the benefits of buying/owning gold in one’s portfolio. Full of detailed commentary & articles from the likes of award-winning authors, Rick Busby & Mike Fuljenz (and more), the guide is already a customer-favorite. "1st National has a history of producing highly-respected work and they're leaders in their field, so this is extra special," commented Charlie Cooper, CEO.  “We’re thrilled to have the Americom name alongside Paul Stein, Mike Fuljenz & everyone at 1st National on this (trophy). They’re an outstanding company & we’re glad to be part of the team,” said Americom Creative, Lance LaRue. Art Director, Chad Campbell, added, “…the idea for the piece was in the works for over a year, which is a tribute to the precision & logic behind everything they do at 1st National. It’s always great to see the successful completion of a big project like this, and the award just tops it off.” The AAF-Beaumont awards were held at Lamar University’s Dishman Art Gallery. Beaumont, Texas ad agency, Americom Marketing & credits include: Chad Campbell, art director/designer; Lance LaRue, creative director/designer; Paul Stein, project manager & concept/client; Charlie Cooper, CEO; Mike Fuljenz, copywriter/client; Rick Busby, copywriter; Michael Miers, graphic designer/client; and 1st National Reserve.  Visit

(02/10/2010):  SomebodyCares.Org
. & Americom Kudos to the fine work being done over at Somebody Cares International. We are proud of our affiliation & design projects with them. Doug Stringer's work at home and abroad, especially with Haiti Relief as of late, is encouraging and admirable. Visit and see the powerful things they're doing.

(09/30/09):  Metal Depot Inc. elects Southeast Texas ad agency, Americom Marketing as Agency of Record. Metal Depot is a distributor, retailer, & manufacturer of metal roofs, metal buildings, & accessories in 3 locations across East & SE Texas. Our creative team, with Lance LaRue & Chad Campbell, is eager to dive in & help develop strategy in media & kick off a revamped website with AmeriCommerce. Since 1993, Metal Depot has been a leader in the metal roofing & building industry among Jefferson, Orange, Hardin & Jasper counties in Texas & SW Louisiana, providing both residential & commercial business.

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