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Media Buying

Our expertise and resources go to work for you to reach the audience you need on any budget. Get 50 - 90% OFF Remnant Advertising & Other AM Media Buys.

Americom will develop a comprehensive media plan for your company that will optimize your marketing budget.

Choose from one of several discounted buying programs for online opportunities as well as traditional media buys with network TV, cable TV, billboards, radio, newspapers, and magazines. We place in local, regional, and national markets. Included in the media buys are value added offers such as:

  • Competitive Reports
  • Guaranteed Savings & ROI Tracking
  • Media Analysis
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Remnant Program
  • Endorsements
  • Revenue Share (upon approval)
  • Website Coordination
  • Television Commercial Production
  • Graphic Design
“...Americom negotiated an exclusive sponsorship with a popular national affinity group with rifle/hunting magazines; back cover & inside cover ad placements...”

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[Free Initial Competitive Report valued at $250 for simply inquiring about our media and internet marketing services]

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