Tips for Hitting the First Page of Google

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Tips for Hitting the First Page of Google Results

Why is the first page of Google so important? Let me answer this question with a question.

How often do you click to go to page 2 in Google search results?

According to Digital Synopsis, the first page of Google consumes 95% of search engine traffic, leaving a measly 5% left over for page 2 and beyond.

It is evident that hitting the first page of Google results is critical for your business to be seen by consumers, but how do you land on the golden page 1?


Search engines reward websites that generate engaging and informative content that solve the reason consumers began a search in the first place by placing them higher in search engine rankings. 

Search engine optimization (SEO), according to Oxford, is defined as the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

You can approach your SEO using multiple tactics. There’s keyword optimization, link building, video (check out our previous blog for greater detail on video and SEO), , and the list continues.

The goal is to grab your audience’s attention and keep their attention.

The more engaging, interesting, and as useful you can make your website, the longer you can keep your audience on your page. This is one way search engines recognize you as a site worthy of higher ranking.


This refers more to the back end of your website.

How user-friendly, and mobile-friendly is your site?

How well structured are your URLs?

Is your site easy for search engines to access and index?

Functionality and usability for your viewer need to be a priority when designing and implementing your website. The easier your viewer can use your website, the more favorably search engines will place your site in search engine rankings.

“How fast your site performs, how accessible it is for visitors, and fixing broken links are important for your user experience, but they also impact your ranking in the search results. The only thing a slow, unresponsive site does quickly is drive users back to the search results, and Google keeps track of that. A fast, modern website can help you reach page one.”

- Blake Royer, Digital Marketing Director

If your website contains a bunch of scrambled spam ads and is disorganized, odds are you’ll end up on page 2 or beyond of search engine results and no business wants that.

In summary, the better you can design and optimize your site to best benefit your targeted viewer, the better chances you have of landing on the first page of Google. Learning to master SEO and generating High-Quality Content that is informative and engaging for your viewer are some of the key ingredients of the secret sauce to search engine mastery.


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