AM’s Myers Wins Independent Shorts Award

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Our very own video and media specialist, Travis Myers, has won at the IMDb Independent Shorts Awards for his outstanding creativity—both behind the camera and in the spotlight.


Taking a step outside of the Americom commercial work, Travis Myers wrote the digital short film Motel Night as a creative passion project and brought the idea to light about 5 months ago. The film was just given the platinum award for BEST DARK COMEDY in the IMDb Independent Shorts Awards International Film Festival– Los Angeles, CA.



Myers wrote, directed, acted, edited and even wrote the music for the film, which takes place in deep East Texas at a suspicious motel where creepy meets comedy.

“The movie is a mix of suspense and comedy all centered around the interaction between a nefarious motel manager and a somewhat frazzled guest,” says Myers. “The film has a nod to Hitchcock and other classic horror movie elements, but with unsuspecting humor.”

Along with his award-winning directing and editing skills, Travis flexed his marketing muscles on this digital short as well. “This is a project funded by Kickstarter. I set it up, put it out there, and within about 48 hours we met 226% or our original goal. It was a fun learning experience to be on basically all sides of the production.



By day, Travis Myers direct  s, films, and edits commercials and videos here at Americom Marketing. His ability to write, produce, and frame up a scene serves all sorts of clients from week to week—whether it’s a 30-second commercial, a product shoot, or a long format industrial video.


“Travis has a knack for making something from nothing. That’s not just a quality; it’s a virtue,” says Lance LaRue, Americom Creative Director. “I love this film, and it’s a great example of what he does for us all the time. We benefit from his talent, wit, and his spirit to push an idea through, and our clients reap the rewards.”


Myers is no stranger to bringing home hardware. He and his crew have won the 48-Hr Film Project prize for the Boomtown Film Festival for the past two years and are gearing up to take another "stab" at the prize in April of 2019.


Travis Myers has new projects coming so stay tuned for more exciting work.


Americom Marketing is proud to have such rich talent on staff, serving customers of every industry through video production, design, strategy, media, and more. To learn more about what Myers and Americom can do for your organization through creative, thoughtful work—contact us today.

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