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Why We Care


It's more than just an ad. It's your business. It's your future.

And it deserves the very best.

Americom couldn't agree more.

And it is this philosophy that allows us to perform at a high level on multiple channels for clients of all industries. This approach allows us to consistently create and place advertisements in local AND major domestic and international magazines, run in top U.S. radio stations and media, and align ourselves with valuable organizations that best serve our small market and large market clients alike. We specialize in showcasing the very best of our clients by way of attractive design, smart strategy and remnant media buys.

Our staff believes in making the right moves for you. We have your best interest in mind and we want to do work we are proud of, so before we enter into any agreement or project we like to know that it's a good fit for all. We don't understand just doing work to work. We have a passion to do great things to advance your business or organization. And we like making friends along the way. The best work comes from those relationships and, of course, it's more fun.

With the Prayer of Jabez, we started our business with the notion of putting our best foot forward to enrich our destiny by enriching and advancing others. We have a history and passion for charitable and ministry marketing projects - whether that is individually, as a team, or with others. Our fine folks are involved with organizations, schools, churches, charities and more as we like to combine resources and talent beyond our office walls. After all, what's it all for? It's for making a difference and making something special.


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