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Charlie Cooper - President, Owner


President, Owner

Charlie Cooper, the founder & president of Americom, brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales, media relations, and company ownership. His team-building skills and his competitive marketing vision serve as the solid foundation for being a Co-Founder at both Americom Marketing & the e-commerce software company AmeriCommerce (later acquired by Capital One). But it is his passion for connecting people and connecting brands that our clients notice first.

Cooper has served as chairman of AmeriCommerce and Americom Marketing, but his early resume includes posts in radio, newspaper, and business solutions companies where he worked with a diverse collection of regional accounts such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing companies. However, he credits his experience in workflow-automation specifically for equipping him with the unique, varied marketing perspective that gave way to the early developments of Americom.

Despite the busy schedule of running a growing marketing company, Cooper manages to be closely involved in projects and accounts of all sizes. When he's not checking his iPhone for the latest news in finance and marketing, (and let’s face it - Fantasy Football), you can find him with his close-knit family and his community involvement in church groups and volunteer work.

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Lance LaRue - Creative Director


Creative Director

Lance has an unmistakable passion and curiosity for advertising, art, branding, and design. With nearly 20 years of marketing and comm-arts experience, Lance prides himself on thoughtful storytelling and design strategy that puts the audience first. He has created a variety of successful ad campaigns and constructed a diverse portfolio using his ability to combine both commercial and fine art with descriptive copywriting.

After earning his degree in Communications- Advertising at Lamar University, he gained experience in sales and graphic design. He began freelance design work with Americom before joining the team in 2005 as an Account Manager and Designer. Since then, Lance has explored all areas of marketing and creative services for clients across the globe, resulting in long-term relationships with happy clients and awards in various categories of advertising. After working as a Brand Strategy Manager at Capital One’s small business division, Lance returns to Americom bringing a wealth of corporate experience, tools, and resources to equip clients with strategic creativity.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Named to the “40 Under 40” professionals in Southeast Texas
  • His art series of Texas Tourism Posters has been featured on NPR’s Texas Standard program
  • Throws right-handed; Bats left-handed; Kicks with both feet
  • Proud of his brilliant children and wife, proud of his Catholic faith, and proud to be banned from a local Papa John’s

Belinda Bourgeois - Office Manager


Office Manager

Belinda is the reason we get to focus on being creative as she takes care of all the finances and provides us with brain fuel (coffee & snacks).

She not only is great with numbers, but she is great at giving us advice and insight when developing campaigns for our clients.

She is a graduate with a BBA in Management Information Systems from Lamar University and lives in Beaumont, TX with her loving husband, Luke.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Is a foster parent.
  • Thinks playing Jenga with both hands is totally in the rules.
  • Is a big prankster

Amanda Prince - Social Media Manager

Amanda Prince

Social Media Manager

Her Bachelor of Fine Arts and her portfolio would lead you to believe that she’s a graphic designer, but that’s just the beginning. Not only is she an outstanding designer for print and digital graphics, she also knows how to put them to use for auspicious integrated campaigns that generate both brand awareness and exhaustive credit card activity from giddy, smitten customers. Amanda has undeniable, natural talent for designing and humanizing brands, which shows itself successfully every day as our Social Media Manager. But it’s more than talent. Along with her distinct, carefully-crafted creative process and impenetrable organizational skills, Amanda has an unquenchable desire to learn—nay, dominate—whatever creative/marketing endeavor lies ahead. She sees things through a brand-conscious, marketing lens and we’re all the better for it.

How good is she? Well, let’s put it this way: Amanda was originally hired part-time for a position that we didn’t have to create some content that a customer potentially, maybe could use at some point in the future. Two weeks later, BAM—she’s our full-time manager of social media, designing and directing content for some of our largest accounts and breaking records to boot. She writes, films, edits, photographs, makes presentations, builds brand personas, manages events and projects, works with sales teams and vendors, and manages accounts. She even makes homemade root beer, risking life and limb from the frostbite dangers of dry ice. There’s no stopping her. Amanda relentlessly wields her skills and abilities like sharp, illegal weapons in a fight against all odds; like a sorceress in the night with a vengeful appetite for commerce and visual intrigue. And lucky for us, she’s on our team.

  • Not only graduated with a BFA from Lamar University, but SPOKE at graduation.
  • Dreams of owning a pet otter someday. Dreams of meeting Spongebob Squarepants someday.
  • Winner: Americom Bowling Champ 2017; Americom Snark Champ 2017, 2018
  • Presidential: she was president of both Kappa Pi and of LU Design Studio
  • Has a regrettable tattoo of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

Chrissie Roberts - Marketing & Media Consultant

Chrissie Roberts

Marketing & Media Consultant

Chrissie has been in media and marketing for over 30 years, much of that time here in Southeast Texas. A graduate of Sam Houston State University, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Radio, Television, Film with a Marketing Emphasis. She is a well-known radio personality in our area. She has worked in Sales, Marketing, and Events for local, regional, and national clients here and in Houston. Chrissie helps people, through training, to overcome the fear of speaking in public, presentations, and communications. She does voice over work, and as Marketing and Media Consultant, she creates powerful media plans, develops strategic partnerships, and works with clients to help them communicate their message efficiently.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Chrissie is a Fifth Generation Texan.
  • Avid Dallas Cowboy Fan. Don’t talk when the game is on at her house!
  • When she’s not working, Chrissie enjoys being at home with her family more than anything.
  • Still volunteers with Boy Scouts of America, although her son has “Eagled Out”. Chrissie believes that organization truly helps boys become confident gentlemen

Michelle Nelson - Media Coordinator

Michelle Nelson

Media Coordinator

Michelle brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience to Americom Marketing. A graduate of San Diego State University, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising and a Minor in Women’s Studies. This Southern California native has called Southeast Texas home for over 17 years and has local experience in radio and television sales, media planning and buying, and corporate marketing. Michelle leverages this knowledge and experience in creating effective media plans and buys for Americom clients as a Media Coordinator. She will also put her Journalism degree to use as a copywriter for web or collateral content.

When she isn’t working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and children, and taking trips to the beach or hill country in her Jeep. She is currently serving a second time on the Bevil Oaks City Council as a representative, as well.

Blake Royer - Digital Marketing Director

Blake Royer

Digital Marketing Director

He’s listed as our Digital Marketing Director, but there’s so much more than pay-per-click prowess. As our resident political pundit and newshound, Blake keeps us up to speed and “in the know” here at Americom. Blake’s talents for research, writing, and finding the right stats for the right story serve us well for our clients and their customers. His work in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has propelled customers from the dark depths of Google’s search results to the bright, visible spotlights of page 1 status for their desired keyword.

Blake’s digital marketing success stems from his innate ability to recognize patterns and fill in the gaps. His background in IT and social media combined with his experience in traditional marketing, media, and public relations equips us all with an uncommon, dynamic perspective that other agencies just don’t have. Plus, he’s mighty competitive. Sports, jokes, research, digital media buys—Blake is determined to be the best at any and every endeavor. Blake holds the record for the longest ping-pong game in company history—49 minutes for the victory. If he’s this committed to tennis on a table, how lucky are our clients to have him slicing and slamming serves for their advancement?!?

  • He is Google AdWords Certified.
  • Houston Sports fanatic. The Rockets and Texans have a true-blue fan in Blake.
  • Before earning his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Lamar University, he tinkered with String Theory.
  • Blake plays guitar and can speak Spanish. But not at the same time.
  • His favorite president is James K. Polk, and his favorite condiment is Fancy Ketchup.

Travis Myers - Media Production Specialist

Travis Myers

Media Production Specialist

Tall in height. Towering in talent. Travis is our videographer, editor, prop man, and lighting aficionado. He also writes, directs, and does a mean sketched storyboard. He operates 2-3 cameras, depending on what the shoot calls for, and lugs heavy equipment in less-than-ideal spaces and positions (crawling on the floor, dodging high kicks from Zumba instructors, wind, rain, and dangerous confines with dry ice—just to name a few).

Travis has a degree in corporate communications with a minor in Spanish, but his passion is in cinematic creation. He has experience on both sides of the camera, putting in his time at Lamar University’s TV studio giving weather reports and in-depth interviews as well as working with local businesses for writing, producing, voicing, and starring in various TV commercials. He has a knack for making something from nothing, and that’s what clients like best about his work—turning the mundane into something mesmerizing. He loves to grill, he hates insurance, and he finds few things better than eating green Jello and watching X Files. It’s this eclectic persona that makes him a creative force behind Americom’s lights, camera, and action.

  • Travis hails from Santa Fe, Texas
  • Lived in Argentina
  • He’s a winner: He’s won the Boomtown Film Festival’s 48-hr Film Race TWO YEARS in a row
  • Husband, father, and sound-effect champion
  • Travis despises gum almost as much as he loves hot chocolate.

Eddie von Rohrs - Director of Operations, Austin

Eddie von Rohrs

Director of Operations, Austin

With efficacious experience in music production and recording, sculpture, ministry, carpentry, and marketing, Eddie has the most eclectic background of any Americom team member. And our clients are the true beneficiaries of it all. Creativity is in his DNA, but more than that, he has an unparalleled ability to deftly apply it to marketing strategies and bring out the best for businesses. His work in the music industry—touring, performing and recording music—has equipped him with technical expertise as well as the artistic concept-to-execution experience that helps make our audio/video production unmatched. His carpentry, graphic design, and sculpture all play to his visual design for projects like print advertising, branding work, and even wireframing websites with customers on the fly. All of this works together to make the Americom creative department truly special.

Eddie’s ardent posture on injecting character into the work is evident in everything he touches. From artwork to directing actors in commercials, he holds true to assuring the brand character and messaging are on point as to make the audience understand and respond optimally. All of this combined with his humble nature and genuine personality, clients enjoy trusting their marketing business with Eddie. He has a knack for simplifying chaotic circumstances, and they know they’re in good hands for both the exciting journey and the fruitful destination.

  • Scholarly Lad: Eddie has degrees in Theology and in Visual Arts
  • Eddie is well-traveled. He’s lived in 4 different states, and he’s toured with his band east, west, and all around
  • Eddie’s industrial sculptures have sold all over and he has an installation at Lamar University
  • Building houses, building sets, video and photography, time with family—he searches and places God in all he does

If you’re interested in joining the team or partnering with us, click around on the contact page and say hey.