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Awards are awesome and shiny, and they really make our shelves look nicer. But where we really win is with our customers’ sales reports. When a customer shows us that sales have improved or more units have moved, that‘s when we feel a victory. Case studies and success stories are what we live for around here. See below for some great case studies in areas of media buys, consulting, design work and more.

But first, a few kind words from some clients...

  • "I am very proud of the work you guys have done for us. We have always been impressed with all your team! Y’all are the best!!!" - R. Reyna, Beaumont Housing Authority
  • "Awesome... (Chad) had a better vision for my site than I did... I had already worked with 2 other designers prior to working with (Americom and Chad Campbell)...Everyone who has seen our site has been wowed!"
    - S. Kohler, Print Me
  • "...truly an asset to Sertinos."
    - C. Hilton, Sertinos Cafe
  • "All I can say is WOW! I'm blown away, you've given me exactly what was pictured in my brain, I just didn't know how to achieve it...Again, thanks so much for your ideas -- amazing!"
    - I. Peden, Shepherd
  • "The site is fantastic...I am so proud of the work you have done on this! Our website is top notch! Thanks for your efforts. It really shows the professionalism of you and your company."
    - Texas Coffee Co.


Mission: Increase phone/Internet leads and sales in a new, untapped market.

Solution: Identify new market & media outlet where our target demo shows strong potential; qualify local, well-known radio personality to partner with for on-air live endorsement; tie-in our newly designed collateral and landing page as offer.

Result: Customized, off-rate card schedule & materials contributed to producing over 9x the investment for less than 10 week period. Produced one of the best cost-to-profit ratios in company history.


Mission: Gain new customers for time-sensitive purchase.

Solution: Identify targeted customers’ buying habits and create a design to highlight desired lifestyles; medium of choice is a strategically-placed popular U.S. news magazine.

Result: An 80+% off rate price media buy & design helped produce $115K+ Return just in New Sales , not to mention an additional $144K in Load Sales.


Mission: Increase internet sales for a regional food products business, push for holiday sales increase & persuade former customers to buy again.

Solution: Create a cost-effective promotional offer. Through Americom advertising & integrated AmeriCommerce, design & perform a Christmas email offer to over 8,000 customers.

Result: The result is Over 800% Return on Investment! More ancillary items & up-sell products were sold than the actual discounted products.


Mission: Increase internet sales for a regional industrial products supply company & increase identity.

Solution: Apply AmeriCommerce system to website & enhance keyword marketing from tactical development & awareness through banner ads & consultation.

Result: The company’s online sales tripled within 1st year of implementation.


Mission: Increase internet sales for a national industrial sales/rentals/supply company & increase identity.

Solution: Consultation with Charlie Cooper & Americom on putting a strategy of keywords, ad descriptions and competitive analysis; execute an adwords campaign (pay-per-click) for top searched words and monthly reporting, training, etc.

Result: The client happily reports that we helped double the company’s monthly online sales within just a few months.


Mission: Announce a holiday event & draw attendance within budget under 4 weeks time.

Solution: Create light-hearted ads that focus on family involvement & fun through a combination of billboard, television, press release & website.

Result: Increased attendance 500+, over 20% more than expected.


Mission: Create new marketing materials & branded, professional look for a small company, branding new products and easy maintenance for by the store owner.

Solution: Americom designed custom labels and an easy-to-use template for the business to grow the product line for continuity. We designed a new product catalog that organized detailed information in a thematic layout consistent with the labels, flyers, updated logo, and web graphics.

Result: Sales increased within three months and client landed a partnership with a state organization. He credits a large part of the success with the look of the brochure, stating that it elevated his level of professionalism and shoppers' confidence.

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