A New Label to Hog Wild Over

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When TexJoy asked us to illustrate a pig, we weren't quite sure what we were getting into. But we're sure glad we did! TexJoy famous seasonings and spices have long been associated with beef & barbecue, but nothing specific to pork rubs. Over the last couple of years, they've been perfecting the right ratios of mouthwatering spices specifically for seasoning pork ribs, pork chops, and more. And as soon a they got it to pass all their taste tests, they came to us with the funny, catchy name and idea ready to go. We've illustrated some odd things before, but the request for a "cool pig, with some attitude and...bbq" was a new one, but a taste of this stuff and you'll see that it's a fit. Our Lance LaRue illustrated a few mockups and had some fun with it. Next thing you know, we've got a new label that you're not going to miss on the shelves of Market Baskets, H-E-Bs, Krogers or other grocery stores. It has a smoky, terrific flavor and aroma that is made for BBQ and it's already a hot commodity. Texjoy's Butt & Rib Tickler Pork Rub. Get yours today and check out the fun at www.texjoy.com and at texjoy's facebook page at www.facebook.com/TexJoySeasonings
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