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Our Story


Our Story

Over ten years ago, our software engineer, Stefan Barlow, and our president, Charlie Cooper, saw a gap between the traditional marketing world and the vast, open landscape of the Internet. They recognized that most marketing agencies were not crossing the line, sticking only with conventional media and viewing websites as something entirely separate. This was particularly the case in the greater Houston and Beaumont areas.

Cooper and Barlow both saw the push-pull opportunities and set out on a mission. They saw that the e-commerce platforms in the market left so many questions and needs unanswered that they couldn't wait any longer. So they put their two fields of expertise together on the basic concept of: Traditional Advertising Meets Internet Marketing.

Since 2001, Americom has established and added to this reputation and remains the only marketing firm of its kind in the greater Southeast Texas region. AmeriCommerce - the ecommerce software - has emerged into its own national award-winning company and, together with Americom Marketing, we offer a complete, full-service approach unlike any other marketing firm you know.


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