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Meet The Leadership Team


President, Owner + CEO

Charlie Cooper, the founder & president of Americom, brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales, media relations, and company ownership. His team-building skills and his competitive marketing vision serve as the solid foundation for Americom Marketing & the e-commerce software company formerly known AmeriCommerce (now a CapitalOne company). But it is his passion for connecting people and connecting brands that our clients notice first.

Cooper serves as chairman of AmeriCommerce now along with his Americom duties, but his early resume includes posts in radio, newspaper, and business solutions companies where he worked with a diverse collection of regional accounts such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing companies. However, he credits his experience in workflow-automation specifically for equipping him with the unique, varied marketing perspective that gave way to the early developments of Americom.

Despite the busy schedule of a multi-million dollar marketing company, Cooper manages to be closely involved in projects and accounts of all sizes. When he's not checking his iPhone for the latest news in finance and marketing, (and let’s face it - Fantasy Football), you can find him with his close-knit family and his community involvement in church groups and volunteer work.

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Director of Business Development

With presentations, client services, media buying, account management, filtering through marketing data and new sales, Jake Stack connects the dots for Americom. As our business development director, Stack handles new accounts and strategic partnerships with media, campaigns and more. Stack brings an MBA in Marketing to the team along with an easy-going personality and years of sales experience in other fields, including healthcare and ecommerce with AmeriCommerce.

He is passionate about advertising and building business. Stack’s professionalism and upbeat, competitive approach is a plus for us as well as clients like Lamar University, Provost Umphrey, MobileMini, and more.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Jake has an MBA in Marketing & Management from Lamar University
  • Travel Points: Born in Texas, school in N. Carolina, lived in England & has visited 12 countries
  • The only Americom employee to have actually played rugby. Legally.
  • Will one day help create a super bowl ad!
  • Loves his wife & adorable daughter, golf, travel, bourbon, politics & fine restaurants.


Internet Marketing Director

Jack Cravy brings a lot of talent, experience, and enthusiasm to our marketing firm here in Southeast Texas. With his strength in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as his all-around skills of design, web development, responsive website design, print and display materials, advertising and more, Jack adds a dynamic and versatile punch to our agency. Having worked with companies from the greater Houston area as well as Southeast Texas, his skills are perfectly suited for small mom-and-pop campaigns all the way up to big business marketing.

With a strong passion for graphic design since the age of thirteen, Jack learned Photoshop in the 6th grade while everyone else was running to gym class. “I don’t know why I was so addicted to marketing as a child – to me I guess it’s just one of those things you either have or you don’t.” Jack works on internet marketing and design campaigns for companies like Mobiloil Credit Union, Provost Umphrey, Service First Autmotive, and much more.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Jack is the former owner of Crave Win Marketing, a local marketing company in Beaumont, TX.
  • The grandson of Roland Jack Cravy – a former Justice of the Peace in Hamshire, TX
  • Die hard Dallas Cowboys fan (the guy has his name engraved in the stadium!)
  • He loves his two children – his son Colton Jack and his daughter Lena Rose
  • Occasionally needs to be calmed down after SEO keep sharp objects away from him


Multimedia Director

After working for a local non-profit for 9 years and climbing his way up to Creative Director, Abel McBride has made the transition to our advertising and marketing team with ease and much enthusiasm.

Abel has a background that includes graphic design, audio and video production, project management, team management, web design and maintenance, professional photography, and live multi-camera video production capture and streaming.

He not only has the ability to create a concept, take the supporting photography and/or video, build the graphics, write the TV/Radio script, edit the audio and video, create the collateral or publication and submit them for approval and circulation into market, but he has done it. Thankfully, with this amazing team at Americom Marketing, those tasks can be divided and completed more efficiently.

He is a graduate with a B.S. in Graphic Design from Lamar University and lives in Beaumont, TX with his loving wife, Karen.


Graphic Design/Visual Artist

Half graphic designer, half visual artist Maurice Abelman takes creativity to a different level. He combines experience in illustration, commercial art, graphic design, storyboard and comic illustration, and animation with a traditional fine art background in printmaking and drawing in order to create eye catching effective design.

His understanding of client’s needs allows him to harness visual strategies that can take a current brand and push it to the next level. He feels as much at home creating from a blank page or working with an established brand that has been in circulation for years. Maurice Abelman’s strongest asset is being able to take a rough concept and turn it into a work of art while fulfilling the needs of the client.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Maurice is an internationally recognized artist that has had gallery work touring different parts of the world.
  • Has a passion for good art and design.
  • Geeks out with challenging projects that draw out his artist’s talents.
  • Hopes to one day help paint a giant mural in Southeast Texas.


Accounting & Office Coordinator

Belinda brings a broad spectrum of skills to the team. She worked in database design for 15 years while developing her project management skills. After she designed, managed, and maintained client management systems for a broad spectrum of companies, she ideo production capture and streaming.

She not only has the ability to create a concept, take the supporting photography and/or video, build the graphics, write the TV/Radio script, edit the audio and video, create the collateral or publication and submit them for approval and circulation into market, but she has done it. Thankfully, with this amazing team at Americom Marketing, those tasks can be divided and completed more efficiently.

She is a graduate with a B.S. in Graphic Design from Lamar University and lives in Beaumont, TX with her loving husband, Luke.

Lauren Bennett

Web Developer

Lauren has several years of experience in web design, web development, e-commerce, SEO, social media, and print design. While attending college for her associates in web graphic design, she taught herself code out of love for web development and a need to bring her website designs to life.

Since the young age of 5, Lauren has been exploring and expanding her artistic abilities from drawing and painting to sculpting and writing. “If it is creative, I am into it.” Lauren now handles web development and design as well as online marketing and social media for many prominent businesses in the golden triangle and Houston areas.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Loves to play all kinds of video games including Minecraft and Pokémon.
  • Has a son who has developed her attitude and smarts.
  • Lauren will try any food regardless of the ingredients.
  • Has a strange obsession with office supplies.

Chrissie Roberts

Marketing & Media Consultant

Chrissie has been in media and marketing for over 30 years, much of that time here in Southeast Texas. A graduate of Sam Houston State University, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Radio, Television, Film with a Marketing Emphasis. She is well a well-known radio personality in our area. She has worked in Sales, Marketing, and Events for local, regional, and national clients here and in Houston. Chrissie helps people, through training, to overcome the fear of speaking in public, presentations, and communications. She does voice over work, and as Marketing and Media Consultant, she creates powerful media plans, develops strategic partnerships, and works with clients to help them communicate their message efficiently.

Little Known Facts & Opinions:

  • Chrissie is a Fifth Generation Texan.
  • Avid Dallas Cowboy Fan. Don’t talk when the game is on at her house!
  • When she’s not working, Chrissie enjoys being at home with her family more than anything.
  • Still volunteers with Boy Scouts of America, although her son has “Eagled Out”. Chrissie believes that organization truly helps boys become confident gentlemen

Michelle Nelson

Media Coordinator

Michelle brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience to Americom Marketing. A graduate of San Diego State University, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising and a Minor in Women’s Studies. This Southern California native has called Southeast Texas home for over 17 years and has local experience in radio and television sales, media planning and buying, and corporate marketing. Michelle leverages this knowledge and experience in creating effective media plans and buys for Americom clients as a Media Coordinator. She will also put her Journalism degree to use as a copywriter for web or collateral content.

When she isn’t working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and children, and taking trips to the beach or hill country in her Jeep. She is currently serving a second time on the Bevil Oaks City Council as a representative, as well.

Our team is also made up of other partners, affiliates, and part-timers. The list is growing as you read this! Ed Sturrock and Stefan Barlow of AmeriCommerce (now a Capital One Company) are at the top of the list with the longest tenure, along with our html and dev specialists, James LaBove and Donna Barlow, and of course Gulf Coast Rock Legend Leroy Templeton.

If you’re interested in joining the team or partnering with us, click around on the contact page and say hey.